ffl dealer and transfer Information

person to person

Xtreme Gun Worx offers person to person transfers. Both parties need to come in for the transfer. The recieving party will fill out a 4473 Form and we will perform the required background check. Shortly after the background check you will be on your way.

dealer to dealer

Xtreme Gun Worx is a full service FFL meaning alongside our many other service we will receive or ship a firearm for you.

Buying a firearm online:
When buying firearms online it will need to be transferred through an FFL near you. We will be happy to help facilitate this transaction. All you need to do is give the sending person or company our contact information found here or email them this link. They will send the firearm to us and we will give you a call once we receive it. At that time you will stop in to do the transfer. Just like any other firearm transfer you will fill out a Form 4473 and we will perform a background check. Please remember to bring in any paperwork you may have from the individual or company showing proof of sale.
NOTE: Please allow us 24 hours to process your firearm before attempting to pick it up and please arrive 30 minutes before our posted closing time.

Selling a firearm online:
When selling a firearm online, you CANNOT send the firearm directly to the individual purchasing it. The firearm must be sent to an FFL near them. Bring in the buyer information and the FFL Dealer they chose. We will contact that FFL Dealer to get a copy of their FFL and make sure we can send the firearm to them. At this time we will take possession of the firearm and send it out for you.